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Magical Movie Marathon - Our Top 5 Picks!

Disney has so many fantastic movies it is too hard to choose just one favourite! Happily Ever Laughter have compiled a list of our top 5 most loved animated films for the best movie marathon ever! Keep reading to check out our ultimate countdown and find out what our number 1 is!!


We love this sassy little fairy who decides takes on the world and become the fairy she has always dreamed of being! It is a light hearted and fun movie with all the sparkles, glitter and fairy dust you could ever hope for! Tinkerbell is so full of life and not afraid to reach for her dreams! Not to mention there are a few other sequels that follow this one, so if you can't get enough of Tinkerbell, you are in the right place! Invite Happily Ever Laughter's Tinkerbell to your next event!


Belle is one of our favourite princesses! We love her passion for life and books and her bravery in sacrificing herself to be a prisoner to the beast to save her Father! She is the ultimate Princess and stands for everything that is right, elegant and extremely clever! There is also a live-action remake that will be hitting theatres next March, so what better time then to catch up on all things enchanted, then to re-watch this classic! Invite Happily Ever Laughter's Belle to your next event!


This magical story of a little mermaid who dreamed of being a part of the world above the sea is one of our all time faves! We love watching Princess Ariel explore the world! Her passion for life and love is inspiring and shows us that youthfulness and aspiration can get you anywhere! Not to mention, Prince Eric is also one of our Favourite Prince's! Invite Happily Ever Laughter's Ariel to your next event!


Rapunzel is such a lovable, kind and goofy princess! Her honest and cheerful nature make her so appealing and inspiring for all young girls! She shows us that it's okay to be curious and go after whatever you want in life. She is one of the funniest Princessses, has the most amazing singing voice and has the cutest sidekicks - Pascal and Maximus! Flynn Rider is also equally as likeable and so funny! They are the perfect couple and we see them bond throughout the entire film. Unlike other classics where the Prince and Princess Marry after almost no communication, Rapunzel and Flynn fall in love before our very eyes making it the perfect union! Invite Happily Ever Laughter's Rapunzel to your next event!


How could you not love snow sisters, Queen Elsa & Princess Anna! This is the perfect family story thats all about love and bravery! Frozen has taught us that sometimes you don't need a relationship to save you, just sisterly love! The only thing better than one incredibly strong lead in a story, is two! These two are the ultimate duo and compliment each other! Elsa is the strong, elegant Queen, while Princess Anna is the fun and goofy Princess. Another incredible thing about Frozen, is that all of the supporting characters are equally incredible. Olaf is possibly the funniest animated character we know and Kristoff and Sven are the loveable couple who are genuine and good. There really is something for everyone in Frozen! Invite Happily Ever Laughter's Queen Elsa and Princess Anna to your next event!

Thanks for reading our Top 5 Movie Marathon List! We hope you can enjoy binge watching these classics as much as we do on a regular basis!

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