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Kids Superhero Parties

Happily Ever Laughter provides the highest quality entertainment in Sydney! We have an extensive range of enchanting characters that are perfect for your child's next party or special event! Our costumes are custom made just for us and truly allow our entertainers to take the forms of your favourite characters.


Our Superhero Characters are the perfect hosts for your next event! Invite Wonder Woman or Batgirl to your party for heaps of high energy fun! The kids will be in awe as Wonder Woman enters the party with her iconic red boots and gold cuffs, while our Batgirl will captivate the kids with her shiny black suit and mask. 


When you book a Superhero Party with Happily Ever Laughter, you can rest assured that we tailor absolutely everything to fit your Superhero theme! While the guests practice their best Superhero Statues to use when hiding from Villains, they will also be engaging in a Sing-Along! The fun doesn't stop there! Next up is Pass the Parcel with Superman - a crowd favourite with a Happily Ever Laughter twist! The children will then hand craft their own Superhero Masks and create a secret identity and superhero name so that Wonder Woman and Batgirl can teach everyone a special magic trick.  Keep the kids on their toes with our trivia time and lots of other favourites including the very popular Parachute Games, Limbo, Bubbles, and so much more!

If you are booking a 1.5 Hour Package or higher, the highlight of our Suphero Party is most definitely the Face Painting! Watch your kids be amazed as
their favourite Superhero transforms them into anything they wish - especially if they want to look just like Batgirl or Wonder Woman herself!  Why not have your Superhero Party Host stay for the cutting of the cake and lead the kids in the singing of Happy Birthday! This is also a great opportunity for plenty of photos! Batgirl or Wonder Woman will present the birthday girl with a special gift to help them remember the magical day they shared with their Spectacular Superhero. 


If you are having a hard time choosing which one of our Superheroes to host your party, then why not invite both!? They are our dynamic duo and will guarantee your party is double the fun! Our Deluxe Package with both Batgirl and Wonder Woman is our most popular package and great value for money as it includes everything above and more! 

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Wonder Woman
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