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Make a Splash with your Mermaid Party!

If you have a Mermaid themed party coming up,

Happily Ever Laughter have got you covered! We absolutely love Mermaid parties! The under the sea themed decorations and

food (especially those delicious blue jelly cups!) and Mermaid themed Birthday

cakes are always so inventive! But the real icing on the cake is having a real

life MERMAID come along to your event to entertain your guests. Here at Happily Ever Laughter, we have a few different themed Mermaids,

from the classic favourite, Ariel to our enchanted Mermaid with

mesmerising purple hair. Your guests will be wowed by her shimmering scales and bright hair! She will lead the children in magical games including Musical Statues, Pass the Parcel, Craft, Magic, Pin the Tail on Ariel, Bubbles, Limbo and Sparkly Face Painting. To top it off, we are running a sale for our 2 Hour Mermaid Party Package. $375 (Usually $400) Limited Time!

This package includes all of the activities mentioned above and caters for up

to 16 guests.

Make your event a splashing success with Happily Ever Laughter's MERMAID PARTIES!

We can't wait to SEA you at at your event! Book now!

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