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Why Hiring an Entertainer is the Key to a Perfect Children’s Party!

Are you struggling to plan the perfect children’s party? Out of ideas for how to keep your kids and their friends occupied? Well Happily Ever Laughter has the solution for you!

Let us tell you why hiring entertainment for your child's party is the way to go for a successful event!

1. The party planning process will become a million times easier!

Rather than stressing about planning activities for the kids, you will have time to focus on other things like food and decorations. By Hiring an entertainer, you can rest assured that the entertainment aspect of the party is completely taken care of!

2. The day is guaranteed to run smoothly and be stress free for you! While the kids are in awe of your entertainer and all of the fun activites occurring, you will have the time to take care of all of your other party needs. You will even find time to sit back and socialize with your guests and take photos of your child’s special day without having to worry about anything!

3. The party will be an unforgettable experience for everyone!

Having your child’s favourite character host their party is such a treat for them and their friends! What a magical way for them to spend their birthday with their favourite Princess, Superhero or Fairy! How incredible to be able to look back on these incredible moments and see your child so happy.

4. Children will get the attention they deserve!

We all know Mum's and Dad’s have endless jobs to do when it comes to parties. There is greeting guests, preparing food, organizing cake and many more things to tick off the list before you’ve even had time to think about the kids and what they’re getting up to! With an entertainer on board you will be able to cover all your party duties while the children receive the attention they deserve. Here at Happily Ever Laughter, our entertainers care about creating special moments with the children and each event is a personalised experience.

5. Hiring an entertainer is definitely money well spent!

There a lots of costs involved in throwing a kid’s party so it is crucial to be cost effective with all aspects of the event! When you hire an entertainer from Happily Ever Laughter, we bring all of the supplies needed as well as jam packed entertainment for the kids. We also provide quality face painting which is a crowd favourite and another benefit of hiring an entertainer!

6. We bring the fun to you wherever you may be!

Our entertainers travel far and wide across Sydney, so you can pick your perfect party location and we will come to you! Whether it be a house of any size, a park or even a hall, our entertainers are well equipped to adapt to any environment, creating the perfect party experience for all!

It is undeniable, that hiring a children's entertainer for your kid's party will be beneficial for all! Sure to provide enchantment, laughter and fun, Happily Ever Laughter will ensure that everyone has a memorable and magical day!

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