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Sophia's Cinderella Party

Happily Ever Laughter's Princess Cinderella loves to attend birthday parties all over Sydney and entertain lots of beautiful children! She had a magical time celebrating Sophia's Birthday with all of her family and friends!

Cinderella taught the children some of her favourite dance moves from the ball and they all played musical dancing games together! It was so much fun!

Sophia and her friends especially loved performing magic with Princess Cinderella! They were mesmerized by the enchanted butterfly wands Cinderella had brought them from her palace and were so amazed to see that they actually worked! Sophia and her friends had so much enthusiasm when performing magic with our Princess and were so excited when screaming out the magic words 'Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo'!

The guests were all so overjoyed when it was time for face painting! Sophia helped create her own face paint design which had rainbows, flowers and a glass slipper! Cinderella loved painting all of the children's faces as princesses, superheroes, butterflies and rainbows with her unique and dazzling face paint designs from Happily Ever Laughter!

Cinderella was so excited that she could be there to help Sophia blow out her magic relighting candles! She helped Sophia make a birthday wish and presented her with a beautiful birthday gift! Thank you so much to Sophia's Mum, Amanda, for these lovely words about our Princess Cinderella!

"Everything was great. Cinderella (Tayla) was amazing, very pleasant and great with the kids! I will definitely be booking you guys again for the next party." - Amanda

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