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Tayla's Frozen Kid's Birthday Party!

Happily Ever Laughter's Queen Elsa had so much fun Celebrating Tayla's Birthday at her Frozen party! So many of Tayla's family and friends attended, so there were so many kids for Queen Elsa to play games with. All of the guests were in awe as Elsa taught them how to do real life magic and they performed a trick for everyone! Elsa especially loved face painting Tayla and all of her friends, transforming them into princesses, tigers and even Olaf!

Here are some lovely words from Tayla's Mum, Shannon, about how happy she was with her Happily Ever Laughter Queen Elsa!

"Taylas party was perfect and Elsa (Tayla) was wonderful with the kids. Tayla had a beautiful day. I will put up a couple of pics of Taylas party. Will definitely be telling my friends and family to use Happily Ever Laughter!” - Shannon

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