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Sneak Peak! Olivia's Barbie Party!

Happily Ever Laughter's Barbie (Shannan) and Fairy Ballerina (Tayla) were in absolute awe when they entered this particular party! They had been to over 8 events with this group of kids and the decoration and enthusiasm from the parents has been unparalleled. So although they expected an all-out atmosphere, nothing could prepare them for this. The first thing that caught their attention, a life-size, home-made Barbie Doll box! Big enough for kids (and adults) to stand in to have their picture taken! Next our entertainers laid their eyes on an incredible cake table, with the words "Come on Barbie, Let's Go Party" plastered above the table. There were balloons and streamers and pom poms all strung above to create the perfect decoration! And the colour theme was on point!

Finally, an element that added something very special to this party was the costume choice for all of the guests in attendance. There was a Party Barbie, a Dance Barbie, a Teacher Barbie (awww), a Superhero Barbie, a Cheerleader Barbie and so many more amazing costumes! This party was so much fun, and our entertainers were so happy to see this wonderful group of children again! Check out a few amazing pictures! Look no further for inspiration for your Barbie Party!

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