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Most Popular in May, Why we don't offer Mascots and who is the new Elsa...??

Who are this months most popular characters.....?

1) Princess Poppy from Trolls Without a doubt, Poppy gets the top spot for popularity this month! She is booked out until July!

2) Moana This Island Princess is growing more and more popular everyday! Moana Parties are one of the latest trends - with under the sea decorations and a perfect soundtrack!

3) Shopkins - Bubbleisha and Jessicake The Shopkins craze is just getting started with both of our Shoppies out almost every weekend! This is especially perfect for older kids!

4) Fairies Such a classic and timeless theme. Our Fairies are as popular as ever - particularly Purple and Rainbow!

5) Elsa Of course. She isn't going anywhere just yet, and with the rise of FROZEN 2 coming up in the near future, we don't think she will disappear at all!


Why doesn't Happily Ever Laughter offer Mascot Characters....?

We get asked all the time if Mascot Characters are a good idea to add to party packages. In our experience, we have found that the mascots can scare quite a lot of young children. They are always 10x bigger than what the character is supposed to be (especially Poppy and Olaf) and it doesn't seem as realistic. Finally, there is very little interaction that a mascot can have with the children at the party, they can't speak, need help walking around and can't engage in any of the games. We have found it is always better to have an actual real life version of these characters where possible for optimum magic, enchantment, interaction engagement, happiness and FUN! --

....And finally, the character that we are calling the new Elsa is....... PRINCESS POPPY FROM TROLLS! We have not seen a character take off like this since the release of Frozen a few years ago! Princess Poppy has taken over, captivating children with her positive attitude, glittery personality and incredible hair!

She is by far the most popular children's parties character at the moment and we couldn't be happier about it! What a great Character she is!

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