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Our Real Life Snow Sisters!

Frozen will always be one of our all time favourites because of the strong sisterly message that it promotes! The idea that Family comes first is so incredible and the bond between Elsa and Anna is something that will go down in Disney movie history! Did you know.... That Happily Ever Laughter's Co-Owners and Entertainers, Shannan and Tayla are actually real life sisters! That's what makes their portrayal of Elsa and Anna so authentic and magical at our Frozen Parties! They often get asked at the parties they attend if they are related because of their expressions, their teamwork and their ability to finish each other's sandwiches... I mean sentences. In all of the photos below - You will see that it is Shannan as Elsa and Tayla as Anna! This is because Shannan is actually the older sister of the duo, and it always feels more realistic for her to be Elsa! This dynamic duo work so well together, just hear what some of our happy clients have to say about our real life Snow Sisters!

"Highly highly recommend... Elsa an Anna (Shannan and Tayla) did a awesome/wonderful job, Us mothers couldn't believe they managed to keep a bunch of 5 year old interested or even to listen for so long, the look on my daughters face was priceless! Thank you Happily Ever Laughter for making my daughters birthday the best birthday by far ( an with 4 children, oldest one being 15 trust me I've had and been to a lot of birthdays ) To all the parents/caregivers out there look no further as you won't be disappointed with Happily Ever Laughter." - Jasmine

"OMG!! Words can't explain how amazing 'Anna and Elsa' (Shannan and Tayla) looked and how professional, warm hearted and friendly they were to the girls. Even the parents were impressed and asked for business cards. A BIG thank you to yourself (Jodie) for organising my daughters party so smoothly, Shannan and Tayla for keeping the girls entertained. Sienna's party wouldn't have been accommodated in any other way. Keep up the fabulous work." - Mary

"Wow what a party. Thank you so much to Elsa and Anna (Shannan and Tayla). The kids were so excited and you did a wonderful job to keep 30 kids entertained for hours. Miranda had an absolutely amazing time. You girls were so professional, friendly and easy to work with. Highly recommend!!!!!!!!!!" - Kristy "I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the 2 beautiful girls you sent to our home for Lucy's party. 'Anna and Elsa' (Shannan and Tayla) were so lovely, caring and joyous throughout their time, not only to Lucy, but every single child. They were so organized and professional and parents were highly impressed with the brilliant answers the girls gave, when faced with difficult questions from the frozen movie! But most of all, I want to thank you for making my little girl feel so special. She is ecstatic that Anna and Elsa came to HER party and gave her a special present, which even made an appearance at the dinner table tonight. Again, thank you for the incredible girls you sent and the training the characters have to be so professional shone through. I will be recommending you to friends and family as well as remembering you for next yrs parties. Keep up the fabulous work and 'Anna and Elsa' deserve a big fat juicy bonus !!" - Cheryl "Everything was amazing especially our very own Elsa and Anna! The girls were so wonderful with the kids and had them so engaged, they were definitely the highlight! They all especially loved the face painting.The girls (Shannan & Tayla) smiles never left their faces! All the other parents were really impressed too.Absolutely, I will send some photos today.She really did have a magical 3rd birthday.Please send another big thank you from myself and Zoe to the girls." - Stacey

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