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Veatrice's Cinderella Party

Happily Ever Laughter's lovely Princess Cinderella had a spectacular time celebrating Veatrice's Birthday!

Veatirce and her friends were so excited to spend the day with their favourite princess. They especially loved playing musical games and getting to dance with Cinderella! She had co much fun face painting all of the kids and transforming them into their favourite magical characters!

Thanks so much to mum Maria for the lovely words about our Cinderella (Ella)! She had so much fun at Veatrice's Party!

"What a wonderful experience! Whilst I was busy entertaining my daughters 4th birthday, I have to say the whole two hours were very relaxing because I didn't hear kids running and screaming, Cinderella kept them entertained and she was soooo beautiful! It was amazing! Thanks again for making this mum happy forever after." - Maria

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