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Evelyn's Fairy Party!

Happily Ever Laughter's Purple Fairy had the most amazing time at Evelyn's Birthday Party!

Our Purple Fairy loved celebrating with Evelyn and her friends! She especially loved face painting all of the wonderful party guests!

Check out the party decorations! The whole party was decorated beautifully! The cake table looked so magical and pretty with all of the soft colours and glitter!

Here are some words from happy Mum, Kathy, about how her party went!

"Thank you so much for providing such wonderful entertainment! I think some of the adults had more fun with the Fairy (Bronte) then the kids! When the party started I let the kids know a Fairy was coming and some of the older kids (especially the boys) didn't seem to excited so I was worried it would be a flop but they were the ones that ended up having the most fun!! Thank you!" - Kathy

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