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Lily's Superhero Deluxe Party!

Happily Ever Laughter's SuperGirl and BatGirl had so much fun at Lily’s Superhero Party. When our Facebook page hit 5000 likes, we celebrated by running a 5K Giveaway! Lily's Mum Natalie was the winner of this which won her a FREE Party with Happily Ever Laughter!

We are so glad Natalie was the winner because our entertainers absolutely loved celebrating Lily's birthday! Our Superheroes had such an incredible time they even stayed back to play with the kids on the playground because they were such an active group! Thank you to Natalie and her mother in law for feeding the superheroes and being so hospitable! What an amazing day!!

Thanks so much to Lily's Mum Natalie for these lovely words about our Supergirl and Batgirl from the weekend!

"It was a fantastic day!! I was utterly exhausted but have recovered now. The Entertainers (Shannan and Tayla) were amazing!!!! On time, immaculately presented, polite, helpful, courteous, fun!! We are so lucky to of had them at the party!! We had plenty of children there from all over Ryde, (Putney, St Charles, Christ Church Preschool, Boronia Park and Gladesville schools) and all the parents were so impressed with the girls and asked for their details! I have plenty of great photos and will send them through. Thank you sooooo much for everything it really enhanced the experience had by all the children and Lily was over the moon! Thank you once again for everything, it was the best!!” - Natalie

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