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Get Tangled Up With a Rapunzel Kid's Party!

If you're looking for the perfect theme for your little Princess' party why not host a totally awesome tangled birthday!? The girls will love the idea of celebrating with Rapunzel and Tangled is also the perfect party theme to use if there are any boys attending, thanks to the courageous animals and the lovable ruffians from the snuggly ducking.


  • You can start by sending out golden royal invitations!

  • Create a tangled atmosphere with an abundance of flowers and girly colours! Rapunzel is all about pinks, purples and yellow!

  • Use some yellow wool or yarn and make a long golden plait for every little party guest to wear when they arrive! This will automatically make every guest feel like a princess and not to mention will instantly bring vibrancy to your party!

  • Incorporating lanterns into your party decor is a great way to give the party a magical feel while still keeping in your tangled theme!

Sweets & Treats

  • Plaited bread sticks just like Rapunzel's hair

  • Recreate Rapunzel's very own tower using donuts!

  • Fairy bread in the shape of flowers will be such a hit with the kids! The prettiest food is always the yummiest!

  • If you want to have some healthier options for the kids, why not cut up some fresh fruit? Maximus does love apples!

Games & Activities

  • What better game for your little ones to embody Rapunzel than a pinata with a frying pan as the stick?!

  • Have the kids decorate their own lanterns!

  • In order to create the ultimate tangled birthday party, a surprise visit from Rapunzel would be the icing on the cake! Why not have the gorgeous princess herself attending and host the party and all the activities?!

Enquire about Rapunzel parties!

Have a look below to check up some Tangled party ideas we have assembled for you!!

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