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International Fairy Day!

What’s your favourite day of the year? Here at Happily Ever Laughter, ours is International Fairy Day! Even though everyday is a Fairy Day for us, now we have a reason to celebrate!

Here is a photo of our Pink and Purple Fairies with a flower fairy ring they made to celebrate International Fairy Day


We used to make them all the time when we were young. We would pick the flowers from our garden and lay them neatly in a circle on the grass. We always thought it was our special way of communicating with fairies.

Here at Happily Ever Laughter, we are all about the memorable and magical moments. Magic was such an important part of our childhood, and we are always trying to bring that same magical experience to children all over Sydney in our party packages.

invite our enchanting fairies to your child's next party or special event to bring the magic to life!

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