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Chloe's Frozen Children's Party: Sneak Peak

Chloe's Frozen Party, is an event that will always remain close to our hearts! This was the second time we had met Chloe. In 2015, After having just finished a party, we received a call from Chloe's Mum, Rolla. She was explaining that the Elsa she had booked from another company had failed to show up to Chloe's Party and Chloe was devastated. This absolutely broke our hearts and we wanted to try and do everything we could to salvage this special day for Chloe. It couldn't have been more perfect that Happily Ever Laughter's Shannan and Tayla were already dressed as Elsa and Anna.

We showed up at Chloe's Party and the smile on her face was priceless. We spent time with her and her friends playing games and creating precious memories. Chloe was so touched by our visit that she sent our Anna and Elsa Christmas Cards at the end of the year (Thanks to Rolla for helping with that) and even made us a lovely video! We were so honoured to then be asked back to Chloe's Frozen Party again this year. She was so happy to see us and thrilled to know that we remembered her! Below are some great photos of the day! We had such an amazing time with Chloe and all of her friends!

Some lovely words from Rolla about the two wonderful Birthday's we have spent with Chloe!

Chloe's Birthday 2016:

"Thank you so much Happily Ever Laughter!!!! What an amazing company!!! I hired an Elsa entertainer to come today for my daughters 5th birthday party and not only did she not turn up, I didn't get a phone call until I called them 5mins after they were meant to arrive. My whole family started ringing around trying to find someone at such short notice on a Sunday, and we are so grateful that your girls were so kind to offer to turn up after another party they just finished so that my daughter wouldn't miss out. Not only did you you send Elsa but Anna as well. (Shannan and Tayla) They were FANTASTIC!!!!! my little girl wanted to take them home with her... You have made my daughters whole year she was so excited and didn't take her eyes off Elsa.Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you xxxxxxxxxxxxxx" Chloe's Birthday 2016:

"Thank you again for a magical birthday party!! Once again your girls (Shannan and Tayla) did an amazing job and Chloe & her friends had a fantastic time... Chloe is so fixated on Elsa she was practically stuck to her like glue!! The face painting was an absolute hit with the girls. Chloe had a little cry before bed because she wanted Anna & Elsa to have a sleep over lol.. I have been given strict instructions for the photo i'm to print off, and put in a frame to go next to last years picture on Chloe's bedside table.. Thank you for making Chloe's birthday a day to remember. Absolutely fantastic, wonderful amazing company."

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