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Being A Children’s Entertainer!

Here at Happily Ever Laughter we often get asked a lot of questions about what its like to be a children’s entertainer. Here is some information about what we do, what it takes to be an entertainer and why we LOVE it so much!

First and foremost, a children’s entertainer must be young at heart!

Remember when you were younger and when someone asked you what you wanted to be when you grow up? Maybe it was an astronaut? A superhero? Or maybe even a fairy? Well our entertainers are living out their aspirations of being princesses, mermaids and superheroes every single day! Being a children’s entertainer allows us to hold onto our childhood fantasies and play the roles of the characters we grew up with and loved.

It is an outlet that allows you to be creative.

Children’s entertainers can be creative in their portrayal of characters, through their execution of games and activities but most of all through their face painting! Creating new and exciting designs is one of our favourite things to do and even more rewarding once the kids look in the mirror and see their beautiful faces as Princesses, Superheroes, etc. We are so privileged to be living out our dreams every day!

It allows you to take initiative and be courageous!

Commanding the attention of a group of children can be cchallenging, but as an entertainer it is essential to know how to do this! Patience is essential! We get to make wishes come true!

There is nothing more amazing then watching the faces of children in awe as their idol or favourite fantasy character walks through their front doors. Embodying a child’s beloved character and making them feel incredibly special for a few hours is the most rewarding part of being an entertainer!

Every party or event is a new experience!

More often than not, people describe their jobs to be tedious, boring and repetitive. I can gladly say that being a children’s entertainer is none of the above. You are constantly working with new groups of kids, in new environments and taking on various different roles and characters. No two parties or events are ever the same so everyday of work is always new and exciting!

Always creating new memorable experiences

The role of a children’s entertainer can be defined as bringing joy and magic to children and allowing them to feel special on some of their very important days. Something that is not often considered is the joy that the entertainers feel themselves. Being able to create these memories that children will treasure forever is the most rewarding experience and comes with the most heart-warming feeling.

It is so much fun!

There is certainly no other job like it! We love every aspect of being entertainers! If you have any further questions or want to apply for a job with us, please contact us.

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