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Emily's Magical Party at The Children's Hospital!

Two of Happily Ever Laughter’s Fairies, Mirabelle and Trixie had the pleasure of celebrating an extremely magical birthday with a very special girl named Emily.

Emily’s birthday was one of the most memorable that our fairies have ever been too! Her party was held in the enchanting gardens of Westmead Hospital.

Emily was surprised and delighted by the arrival of our fairies who had flown a long way to spend the day with her! The highlight of the day was definitely the presence of the real life unicorns! Emily was in such awe of these mystical creatures that she rode on one for almost the entire duration of the party! It was incredible to see her riding these majestic creatures with such ease and happiness! Even though our fairies have encountered many unicorns back in fairyland… they were so amazed and overjoyed as well!

The cake was beyond incredible. Everyone inch of it was rainbow, from the inside out. Emily even recruited one of the unicorns to help blow out the candles! Our entertainers took on the responsibility of eating the cake.

Emily absolutely loved getting her face painted as well as both arms and both hands, she couldn’t get enough! She even loved the face paint so much she had a turn painting our very own pink fairy Trixie!

Happily Ever Laughter feels so blessed and honoured to have shared this wonderful memory with Emily and it is a birthday our entertainers will treasure forever! Thank you to Emily’s family for showing such kindness to our Happily Ever Laughter entertainers, and a special thank you to Emily’s Mum, Melanie, for these lovely words about our two fairies!

"It was the most amazing day, thank you so much to you and Shannan and Tayla, they were absolutely amazing again! As usual the girls were just perfect. Emily said it was the best day ever! To see her smiling from ear to ear on a horse surrounded by fairies and Family was just magic. Amazing blessings on you all for your involvement in her happiness. We can't thank the girls enough. Emily had the most beautiful time celebrating her fairy birthday'

- Melanie

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