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Sneak Peek at Ayla's Mermaid and Tinker Bell Party

Mermaid Shannan and Tinker Bell absolutely LOVED attending Ayla's birthday party! All of the kids were so energetic and fun!

Something that was particularly special about this party was the beautiful decorations. Our entertainers were in awe of how Ayla's mum Jess had created such a magical party space using simple and effective ideas!

The party beautifully captured an under the sea vibe with all different hues of blue and purple. Keeping to a specific colour theme will really add to the overall atmosphere of your party!

How Amazing does all of the streamers and tissue paper pom poms look!?

We absolutely love attending parties where the parents have gone above and beyond to provide the perfect space for not only our entertainers, but for their Children and their friends to escape into the world of imagination. It is these memories that a child will never forget!

I know I would always remember the time my backyard became an Under the Sea realm!

"The party went really well! The girls were fantastic, the kids loved them! Would definitely recommend the girls, they were both lovely! Thanks so much!"

- Jess

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