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PARTY SNEAK PEEK: Scarlett's Frozen Deluxe

Happily Ever Laughter's Queen Elsa, Princess Anna and Princess Ariel had a fantastic time celebrating Scarlett's Birthday!

Thank you so much Michelle for your wonderful words about our Elsa (Shannan) Anna (Tayla) and Ariel (Alaura)! They all had such a wonderful time at Scarlett’s Party! What a wonderful group of children! Thank you so much for having us!

"We celebrated our Scarlett's 5th Birthday Party today with the Amazingly Awesome and Wonderful Anna, Elsa and also not forgetting Ariel too!! Speaking on behalf of everyone at the Party today, we can't Thank You enough. You kept all those Beautiful Children involved and busy with your party activities for 2 whole hours!!! Tonight Scarlett has gone of to bed clutching her Anna and Elsa dolls still amazed and extremely happy at what a magical day she has had. I'm sure her dreams will sweet tonight!!"

- Michelle

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