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INSIDE LOOK! Annalise's Superhero Party!

Here at Happily Ever Laughter, we absolutely LOVE Superhero Parties! The decorations, costumes, games and colour scheme are all incredible! Not to mention it makes all the children feel SUPER, POWERFUL and full of ENERGY! It also makes them feel as though they can achieve anything they put their minds to! What a wonderful feeling! We have a few Superheroes to choose from - Wonder Woman, Batgiril and Supergirl! Two of our heroes - Supergirl and Wonder Woman, attended Christina's Superhero Party a few weeks ago and had such a blast! The photo's from the day are awesome so take a look below! Annalise and her friends were so energetic and fun! They enjoyed all of the musical games and pass the parcel. They absolutely LOVED the Parachute! It was the highlight of the party! All of the kids were so excited to get Superhero Face Painting - they all wanted to customise their designs to make it unique to their own Superhero identity! Check out the amazing cake! It looked incredible and featured our two Superheroes on it along with a lot of their friends! Thanks so much to Annalise and her Mum Christina for having us, and for writing these lovely words! "The girls were fabulous. The kids had a great time.I will definitely be using you guys again.

Thank you so much!" - Christina

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