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Why Princess Ariel is the perfect Party Host!

We wanna be where the mermaids are!!

We think Princess Ariel is the perfect party host for so many reasons and here are just a few of our favourite!

  • Her costume is amazing and bound to leave the kids in awe! The party guests will be so delighted as Ariel enters the party with her shimmering tail!

  • She is the most outgoing and Bubbly Princess!

  • She is the only Princess who isn't human! This is sure to enhance the magic for your guests!

  • The Little Mermaid Soundtrack is amazing and the perfect accompaniment for your kids party! They'll be singing along to every word!

  • There are endless possibilities with 'Under the Sea' themed decorations! You can make your party and Underwater Wonderland!

Enquire about Happily Ever Laughter's Ariel today!

Click here for more ideas for Sydney Children's Parties!

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