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FROZEN! The Perfect Winter Party Theme!

Struggling to think of what to do for your child's party this winter? Why not host a Frozen Winter Wonderland Party!?

Here are just a few of our favourite reasons to celebrate your next event Frozen style!

1) Braving the weather will be easy with the warm costumes not only the entertainers but also all of the children! There's nothing like the cold winter weather to put a damper on a wonderfully planned outdoor party... so why not embrace the cold, and plan accordingly! The Frozen costumes are not only gorgeous but also incredibly warm! We know how much the children all love dressing up as their favourite characters for the party, so why not have them in long-sleeved, floor-length gowns!

2) Creating amazing and well themed decorations will be a breeze!

Re create the appearance of actual snow!! There are so many amazing wintery decorations you can utilise for a Frozen theme! We love the ideas of using cut out snowflakes as decorations! These are very easy to make and always look so effective! Not to mention the possibility of a snow machine....

3) Frozen is full of timeless characters whose popularity never seems to waver!

Probably because of the amazing characters and the strong family messages that it promotes. It is such a great theme for the whole family! No matter how many Frozen Parties you may have been to before, it will never get old! Plus, Happily Ever Laughter is constantly creating new and exciting Frozen activities to include in our Party Packages! Elsa and Anna are always the perfect party hosts! 4) It is the perfect excuse to indulge in warm delicious goodies!

Why not have a DIY hot chocolate bar with all the marshmallows, chocolate chips and biscuits you could dream of? Or maybe a warm, oozing chocolate fountain for kids to dip strawberries and marshmallows in, for that extra special Frozen touch use white chocolate and blue food colouring! Kids will go crazy over the warm food, and so will the mums and dads! 5) The perfect weather to accomodate your Queen Elsa

The cold doesn't bother Queen Elsa anyway.... What better way to make your little ones feel like Queen Elsa's frozen magic is really working, then to have the party set in the wintery air! Elsa is definitely one character who matches the cold icy air better than any other! 6) Because Happily Ever Laughter provide the highest quality Frozen entertainment in Sydney! We take care of everything! If you book a Frozen Party with us, we promise to take care of all of the entertainment! You can sit back and relax with the parents, drinking hot chocolate and eating chocolate fondue in peace! We will tailor all of the activities to a Frozen theme and the little ones will be in absolute awe of our Elsa and Anna! What better way to spend a wintery birthday then in true Frozen fashion! Check out some of the amazing photos form parties we've attended and some of the above ideas in action!

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